Pagan Harvest – Biography

Pagan Harvest is a trio based in the south of England who first met while at school in Watford. After going their separate ways Jon and Lawrence ran into each other in London and found that they had both been excited by Rob Young’s book ‘Electric Eden.’ They decided to do what they should have done 40 years previous and make an album. Pagan Harvest’s self-titled first album is now available through Musea Parallele at:

Lawrence Reed (composer/arranger/multi-instrumentalist) lives in Bath. He is a composer and accomplished guitarist. He wrote and played most of the music on the album as well as producing the recording. His distinctive contemporary music derives from a classical training distilled with other musical influences from his past including punk, folk, progressive rock, new wave and jazz. His rich orchestrations at times give an epic quality to the album. His interests outside Pagan Harvest can be found on

Jon Bickley (singer/songwriter) lives in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.  He is a talented songwriter and solo performer in the blues/folk genre who has released a number of albums. He is the singer with Pagan Harvest and provides the poetic story telling lyrics on the album. More info at  including solo albums and other collaborations. An interview with Jon can be found via the link at the bottom of this page.

Steve Daymond (electric bass) lives in Bristol. He is a versatile and hard-working musician who has played in bands of all shapes and sizes for many years. In the context of Pagan Harvest the bass playing requires a wide range of skills including knowing when not to play! The bass provides the pulse and the glue that holds the music together. For more info visit

The music is basically folk with a dose of prog plus classical elements. It is inspired by the English landscape, that sense of place that is found in Shakespeare’s forests and moors or Wordsworth’s mountains, streams and even on Westminster Bridge. The words take similar colours to paint a picture of England. Our history (Jarrow, Tolpuddle, Runnymede), our wars (Damascus) and our songs (‘Rebecca Falls’ is a re-reading of ‘Reynardine’ – Dave Pegg likes this one!). Other influences emanate from authors such Lewis Carroll, AA Milne and Kenneth Grahame who create magical English landscapes in their writing.

Pagan Harvest has made three films to date. The first two were promotional music videos, the most recent a documentary. All can be found on the YouTube Channel (link below)

  • ‘Damascus’ combines war zone footage from the city itself with stunning and vivid images of flowers and birds. The images of destruction are not graphic but we see enough to feel the terrible power of those weapons.
  • The film of the song ‘Rebecca Falls’ is an ambitious black & white production directed by Jim Roper, a Bristol based film maker. The song was written with the old English folk song ‘Reynardine’ in mind. In that song a girl disappears. If that happened today the police would be called. Where would they look? What clues would they find? What would they make of overheard conversations between the woman and the fox-like entity.
  • Released in August 2016 ‘Rebecca Falls – The Forensics’ is a mini documentary about the influences behind the song ‘Rebecca Falls,’ how it was constructed, and the contributions and personalities of the individual musicians. It was produced and directed by Steve Yarwood with camera work from Ian Yarwood and Dan Nickolls.

Promo photos


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